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10+ Best Twitter/X Thread Maker Tools (Free & Paid)

Content creators and entrepreneurs view Twitter as a great source to grow their business, by using best twitter thread makers the creators can leverage Twitter and reap high benefits.

As Twitter has strict 280 characters constraints, content creators started leaning towards threads to post long or mid-length content. Technically, you are creating a thread when you add a few more tweets along with one single tweet.

This blog presents the list of the Tweet thread composer that facilitate or simplify thread creation. Even though all these tools serve similar services, the difference in pricing plans and advanced features can help you know the right tool. Let’s dive in.

Why Do You Need to Use Twitter Thread Writer?

Every creator faces a significant issue while creating a thread that is formatting. When using Google docs or the notes app to write your threads, you might forget about the character limit. That’s when the Tweet thread composer or creator tools come into play. With the help of the best Twitter thread creator, you can preview the thread and number it before it goes live on your Twitter account.  


  1. TypefullyTwitter thread maker with best user interface. 
  2. Hypefury Go-to Twitter management tool suggested by Twitter OGs. 
  3. Chirr AppA beginner-friendly tool to simplify Twitter thread creation.
  4. Thread CreatorAn affordable thread generator for Twitter with added functionalities. 
  5. ThreadStart —  A comprehensive Twitter thread creator app for basic to advanced content creators. 
  6.  Tweet Hunter Redefine Twitter journey with plethora of twitter functionalities
  7. One Up Make threads come alive.
  8. Tweetmonk Supercharges Twitter growth effortlessly.
  9. Queue Target growth and time tweets like a pro.
  10. Zlappo Transform tweets into results

#1 – Typefully 

Thread Maker With Best User Interface

Typefully is a dedicated tool created for facilitating the process of creating Twitter threads. This Tweet thread composer is highly appreciated for its simple and intuitive interface. Unlike other social media management tools, Typefully is dedicated to only Twitter and aids you with creating and editing Twitter content. 


Key Features 

With an easy-to-use dashboard, you can start writing your tweets without distractions or overwhelming options. Additionally, using this Twitter thread drafter you handle multiple Twitter accounts from one Typefully account, which is an added advantage to this tool compared to others. You can also share Twitter content with your team, clients or friends to get a review even before the content is posted. 

While you write a thread on Typefully, you can simultaneously see a high-resolution preview of the thread on your screen. 

With the liberty to add unlimited images or gifs to a thread, Typefully is one of the best Twitter thread writer that gives you complete freedom at an affordable price. You can also use this as a content scheduling tool for social media, including Twitter. 

What I Like/Dislike About Typefully?

Intuitive Twitter scheduling and analytics tool.It doesn’t work as a scheduling tool for other social media platforms.
Typefully can be your go-to tool if you manage your personal Twitter account. 


  • Free within limited features
  • Starter- $12.50 per month
  • Creator- $29 per month
  • Team – $79 per month

#2 – Hypefury

Overall Best Twitter Thread Generator

Hypefury would be the first tool to pop into Twitter OG’s mind as it has a wide user base and positive reviews. Hypefury is a cloud-based Twitter thread writing and scheduling tool. The overall goal of this tool is to help you in growing your Twitter audience. 


Key Features 

Hypefury is a reliable and straightforward Twitter thread creator that allows you to create and schedule threads. This Twitter thread generator lets users break down long-form content, for instance, blogs, into a thread within minutes. You can copy and paste your blog content in the Hypefury writing board, which will be automatically formatted or structured into Twitter threads. You don’t have to manually split your blog post to repurpose it as a thread. 

Hypefury also gives you prompts or suggestions to write a new thread. Not just that, this Twitter thread builder tool helps you in creating and repurposing your tweets. For instance, you can schedule your Twitter content as an Instagram post to eliminate spending time by posting manually. You can also use Hypefury to schedule your content for other platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook. 

What I Like/Dislike About Hypefury?

Creates evergreen tweets.This tool doesn’t have an iOS or android apps to support. 
Auto plug features are extremely helpful.


  • Free – $0 
  • Standard – $19 per month
  • Premium – $49 per month

#3 – Chirr App

Beginner-Friendly Thread Generator for Twitter

The Chirr app is a Twitter thread writer that allows you to write and post threads within seconds of creation. The primary function of this Twitter thread planner is to help creators write threads most efficiently. 

Chirp App
Chirp App

Key Features 

With the Chirr app, you can schedule your tweets and get detailed insights about your content performance for the past few days. This thread maker for Twitter ultimately is a dedicated text editor for Twitter threads. Additionally, you can create threads without spending time manually formatting. 

You can break your blog posts into Twitter threads with the Chirr app browser extension. You can type your write-up in the notes or workspace of this Chirr app and enter the tweet now option to make the post go live within seconds once you link your Twitter account. 

What I Like/Dislike About Chirr App?

One of the best Tweet thread composer specially created to enable Twitter thread creation easier.This tool lacks features like prompts and inspiration for writing Twitter threads. 
AI can help you split the blog post into a thread, but sometimes you must manually format the repurposed thread content. 


  • $4 per month 
  • $15 per month 
  • $49 per month 

#4 – Thread Creator 

Affordable Thread Maker for Twitter

Thread creator is a comprehensive Twitter management tool to create, save, manage, and schedule tweets. The Thread Creator trial version is by far one of the most advantageous versions for new users. 

Thread Creator
Thread Creator

Key Features 

Like other Tweet thread composer, you can view your thread’s preview while simultaneously creating one. With this Twitter Thread Maker, you enable the automatic numbering of your tweets in different sections. You can toggle on and off this feature at your convenience. 

Moreover, you can preview the links you add to your thread as well. Adding Twitter gifs and images could add more flavor to your content; hence Thread Creator ensures that you have no restrictions regarding that part. 

With this Twitter thread writer, you can auto-schedule tweets and threads instead of manually posting them on your platform. If you have final edits to be made, you can save those tweets as drafts. Additionally,  you can use Thread Creator to manage your content, publish, overview engagement, analyze insights and manage Twitter marketing as well. 

What I Like/Dislike About Thread Creator?

Affordable and has numbering featuresDoes not have different pricing tiers. 
Customizable settings 


  • Standard – free
  • Pro – $9 per month

#5 – ThreadStart

All-in-one Twitter Thread Writer

ThreadStart is a content management tool that helps you batch-create your social media content, including Twitter. This if one of the best Twitter thread maker presents detailed insights about your Twitter account’s growth in the most straightforward format and helps you to double down on content that has performed well. 


Key Features 

With ThreadStart, you can write threads quickly, schedule them or post them on Twitter or other social media platforms. I listed this as one of the best Twitter thread writer as it has a dedicated thread editor called the threaditor that allows you to split and test your thread format automatically. ThreadStart claims you can keep track of all your mentions, retweets, comments and other interactions alive using the tool.

This Twitter thread creator also has powerful analytics to help you know what works for you. Like the Thread Creator tool, you can also number or list your thread parts as you wish. Additionally, your threads can be split and presented as individual tweets. 

What I Like/Dislike About ThreadStart?

An all-in-one tool to start growing on Twitter.New users might need some time to get used to the interface and functionalities. 
It comprises all the basic to advanced features to help you consistently create content. 


  • Free
  • Pro – $9 per month
  • Premium – $19 per month

#6 – Tweet Hunter

Redefine Twitter journey with plethora of twitter functionalities

Tweet Hunter is an advanced tool designed for hassle-free tweet scheduling and content curation. With its user-friendly interface, it allows us to schedule tweets effortlessly and discover high-performing content. Serving as an all-in-one thread maker, it simplifies the process of compiling tweets on a specific topic. 

Whether we’re a social media enthusiast or a business professional, Tweet Hunter is the go-to choice to simplify our Twitter presence and create engaging threads with ease.

Key Features

Tweet Hunter’s capabilities are truly noteworthy, as it is dedicated to effortlessly building and monetizing our Twitter audience. This tool is finely tuned for managing tweets and elevating our overall Twitter strategy. What sets Tweet Hunter apart is its predictive prowess, providing users with a sneak peek into tweet performance before they hit the stage.

One of Tweet Hunter’s standout features is its precision in scheduling tweets. Users can schedule with accuracy, ensuring their content reaches the audience at optimal times. The tool boasts an expansive library housing over 2 million high-performing tweets, coupled with a curated collection of 4,000+, serving as a boundless source of inspiration for content creation.

Collaborating with top-notch ghostwriters, Tweet Hunter guarantees the creation of top-tier content, keeping our Twitter presence vibrant and engaging. Moreover, its AI-based lead finder introduces an additional layer of functionality, assisting users in uncovering new opportunities within their Twitter community.

Whether it’s rewriting tweets for optimal engagement or seamlessly integrating with ghostwriters, Tweet Hunter emerges as a comprehensive tool designed to enhance our entire Twitter experience. It goes beyond mere tweet scheduling; it’s about crafting a powerful and strategic presence on Twitter, making Tweet Hunter an indispensable ally in our journey towards Twitter mastery.

What I like/Dislike About Tweet Hunter

Like Dislike
Searchable library of 2m+high performing tweetsMild risk of plagiarism


  • 7-days free trial : No CC required
  • Basic: $49/mo
  • Superior: $99/mo
  • Enterprise: Custom build

#7 – One Up

Make threads come alive.

One-Up, a thread maker designed to revolutionize our Twitter experience with simplicity and efficiency. Far beyond a mere scheduler, One-Up introduces a user-friendly approach to crafting captivating threads. Type in prompt, and One-Up automatically generates a caption, ready to be inserted into our post with just one click.

The true beauty lies in its one-click functionality, effortlessly inserting the caption into our posts. where crafting engaging threads can be complex, One-Up emerges as a beacon of simplicity, empowering users to effortlessly elevate their Twitter content with just a prompt and a click.

Key Features

One-Up is not just about scheduling; it’s a dynamic Twitter thread maker. Create and schedule Twitter threads with videos, GIFs, or multiple images attached to each tweet, offering a diverse range of creative possibilities. Handle lengthy text effortlessly as One-Up auto-splits it into a threaded format, ensuring your message flows seamlessly.

Adding a layer of control, One-Up introduces post approvals, granting us the authority to require admin approval before team posts go live, ensuring quality and consistency. Also One-Up’s AI-generated images are directly integrated into scheduled posts, adding a unique touch to our content.

Another highlight is collaboration made simple with One-Up. Add internal notes to posts and @mention team members for simplified collaboration. Team members mentioned receive email notifications, fostering effective communication. With One-Up, crafting engaging Twitter threads becomes a straightforward, user-friendly experience, transforming our approach to tweet scheduling.

What I like/Dislike About One Up

Like Dislike 
Exceptional customer supportQuite pricey


  • Starter: $12/mo
  • Intermediate: $48/mo
  • Growth: $84/mo
  • Business: $240

#8 – Tweetmonk

Supercharges Twitter growth effortlessly with AI thread maker.

TweetMonk is a  go-to partner for crafting eye-catching threads and scheduling tweets effortlessly. With TweetMonk, the path to expanding our Twitter presence becomes effortless. Its  smart scheduler takes the lead, seamlessly organizing engaging tweets and threads with finesse. 

The editor, designed with simplicity in mind, effortlessly combines user-friendly features with intelligent capabilities. It transforms the creation of every tweet into a smooth, enjoyable process. Whether we’re new to Twitter or a seasoned user, TweetMonk simplifies the journey of maximizing our reach.

Key Features

TweetMonk offers AI-powered writing tools, transforming our content into conversion-friendly masterpieces. Allow us to take command with powerful scheduling—queue tweets with a click or precisely choose our timings.

At the core of its brilliance, TweetMonk’s intelligent editor takes the spotlight. It automates text splitting for thread creation, ensuring our audience experiences a seamless and captivating reading journey. Enhancing thread readability, TweetMonk incorporates automatic tweet numbering and a unique feature—appending the first tweet at the end, providing an extra boost to our threads.

TweetMonk goes beyond conventional scheduling tools by integrating interactive content with polls. This not only engages our audience but also facilitates valuable research and decision-making. It transcends the role of a mere thread maker; TweetMonk positions itself as a growth partner.

 It simplifies the intricate process of Twitter management while significantly amplifying our impact on the platform. With its intuitive features seamlessly connecting with our audience, TweetMonk becomes an invaluable asset, elevating our overall Twitter strategy to new heights.

What I like/Dislike About Tweetmonk

Like dislike
Minimal and user-friendly interfaceShould have more advanced features.


  • Solo: $10/mo
  • Creator: $24/mo

#9 – Queue

Target growth and time tweets like a pro.

Queue levels up Twitter experience with revolutionary thread maker and Twitter scheduling tool that effortlessly integrates with Notion. They  understand the frustrations of bouncing between tools to tweet, and that’s why with Queue, we can schedule tweets and threads without leaving Notion, keeping all our notes and ideas in one impeccably organized space.

 They help us to bid farewell to the chaos of copy-pasting and convoluted workflows. Within Notion, they empower us to plan, write, publish, and archive your tweets, providing unparalleled convenience for our Twitter strategy. 

Key Features

Queue redefines the Twitter experience by going beyond simplicity. This tool offers a direct preview of how our tweets and threads will look on Twitter while we type in Notion, eliminating worries about character limits or awkward formatting. With Queue, our tweets are guaranteed to look polished and professional.

They also Visualize our Twitter strategy effortlessly with customized Notion Calendar views, allowing us to see both published and scheduled posts at a glance. Queue takes the hassle out of managing post updates and statuses by automating the process. 

Set our posting schedule, and let Queue intuitively select the optimal posting times for us—no more guessing or pondering over the best times to post. It also allows us to prioritize with ease by rearranging posts effortlessly through the simple drag-and-drop feature in Notion. This ensures our content is always organized according to your preferences.

Queue made the process more organized, and effortlessly efficient. The familiar comfort of Notion becomes the backdrop for a transformative experience, making our Twitter workflow more seamless than ever. 

With Queue, we can focus on what matters most—crafting compelling content—while they take care of the intricacies of scheduling and posting. 

What I like/Dislike About Queue

Like Dislike 
AffordableCan have more advanced features.


  • Personal: Free 
  • Personal Pro: $9/mo

#10 – Zlappo

Transform tweets into results.

Zlappo, a specialized Twitter thread maker designed to deliver tangible results. Whether our goal is selling ebooks, boosting affiliate sales, or expanding our audience for future monetization, Zlappo’s smart features are tailored to maximize our Twitter Return on Investment (ROI).

 Even if we’re a Twitter novice, Zlappo’s intuitive workflow embodies best practices, ensuring a seamless experience. User-suggested features are embraced, acknowledged with a grateful tweet, making Zlappo a community-driven tool. It’s not a one-size-fits-all social media solution but rather a focused instrument for serious Twitter growth and profitability.

Key Features

Zlappo revolutionizes our Twitter experience by providing a scheduling platform that eliminates uncertainties. Say goodbye to second-guessing how our tweets will appear—Zlappo ensures that content aligns seamlessly with our vision when posted on Twitter. We can confidently schedule tweets, bringing clarity to our content strategy and enhancing the impact of messaging.

Zlappo also navigates the intricacies of Twitter with its live preview feature, offering a comprehensive view of all elements within our tweets. From images and GIFs to mentions, hashtags, replies, quoted tweets, links, and Twitter Cards, Zlappo allows us to fine-tune every detail before your tweets go live. 

This live preview feature sets Zlappo apart, giving us unprecedented control over our Twitter content and ensuring that it resonates effectively with the audience.

In this canceled culture and diversified environment , mistakes are inevitable. Zlappo acknowledges this reality and empowers us with on-the-fly editing. While Twitter itself lacks an editing feature, Zlappo steps in to allow us to correct mistakes promptly, maintaining the integrity of our message.

 Zlappo goes beyond being a tool—it becomes our strategic companion for building a substantial, qualified Twitter following. 

What I like/Dislike About Zlappo

Like Dislike 
Don’t offer features to monetize our accountHave several glitches
AffordableLack of customer support


  • Hustler- $12.49


How do you make a good Twitter thread?

Twitter threads tend to add more value to the users. Hence, crafting an information-rich thread can help you create a well-performing content piece. Gather unique information or weave a thread backed by your experience and present it to your readers; that is your formula to develop a good thread.  

What makes a good tweet thread?

A good tweet or thread communicates the right message to your readers without overwhelming or offending them. 

Do Twitter threads perform better?

Threads are an expansion of tweets. As short tweets have word restriction, you can always create threads to share long-form content with your audience. Moreover, threads should either entertain or educate the reader to perform better. 

How do you automate Twitter threads?

With the help of tools like Hypefury, ThreadStart, Thread Creator, Chirr App, and Typefully, you can schedule your tweets or automate posting on Twitter without spending time on manual posting. 

Can TweetDeck do threads?

Yes, TweetDeck is an integration with Twitter that helps you manage, schedule and post content on Twitter. Hence not an exception; you can also post threads with limited functionality via Tweetdeck. 

How do I create a Twitter thread 2023?

You can start creating a thread if you know you have the content idea mapped out. Once you have the topic ready, you can collect information to write about that topic, or if you already have enough information, you can start writing your thread using a Twitter thread creator tool to ensure you follow the proper format.


With that, we have reached the tail of the blog. I have presented the list of the best Twitter thread makers or editing tools. All these tools have an impressive free version which will suffice or meet your demand, if you’re a newbie to the bluebird app.

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Kushal Desai
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