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5+ Best AI Art Generator in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Around 37% of businesses and organizations use Artificial intelligence to enhance their business operation. This is solid proof that AI holds a promising scope and its growth is much expected.

If you are up to date with the AI talks, you might already know that AI art generators dominate the space and attract the attention of bloggers, content creators, and AI enthusiasts. 

With that said, today’s blog aims to present you with the top 5 best art generators, which you can use to add more visual touch to your content or create printable designs and sell them online. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in. 


  1. Jasper An AI text-to-image generator created to allow writers and bloggers to amplify their content.
  1. Nightcafe AI art generator that allows designers or print-on-demand business owners to create designs that are printable and worth selling.
  1. DALL·E 2 by Open AI  A widely popular AI creatives generator used by developers to generate different styles of art.
  1. Starry AI An free AI picture-generating tool used by designers and writers to seek inspiration for their core visuals.
  1. Wombo Art A powerful AI art generator that gives images that are similar to animated visuals.

#1 – Jasper

Best AI Art Generator From Text 

Jasper is an AI art generator that primarily started as an AI writing assistant. Jasper is powered by Open AI, which introduced GPT-3, a powerful AI writing assistant. Bloggers, AI enthusiasts, AI professionals, and content creators globally leverage Jasper’s text-to-image tool to generate a picture of their imagination to add a visual element to their content. 


Key Features

To use this AI image generator, all you need to do is enter your prompt and choose a style. Once done, Jasper only takes a few seconds to generate your AI-created image or art. Jasper is one of the best AI art generators, which claims that you can get access to four creatives for one prompt or description you have entered. 

Moreover, Jasper presents your watermark-free images, which could be customized until it meets your imagination or goes beyond that. With Jasper, you’re left with an array of varied styles, including Pixar, South park, Pablo Picasso, Ansel Adams, and so on. There are two modes to create your artwork – basic and free form mode; when tied up with the appropriate style and mood features, you can bag a creative you exactly imagined. 

Jasper Example
Jasper Example

What I Like/Dislike About Jasper?

AI art generator with an affordable price range to generate high-quality realistic images. You cannot claim copyright for the images you generate on Jasper. 
Varied customizable features that facilitate users to bring their exact imagination to life. Even when the text is descriptive, Jasper disappoints the user with irrelevant images at times.


  • $20 per month 
  • $200 annually 

When you opt-in for the annual plan, you save 17% 

#2 – Nightcafe

Best Creative Art Generator

Nightcafe is a cloud and web-based SaaS which converts text to images. Nightcafe is widely welcomed by users for its ability to generate creative images. This AI picture generator tool is used by internet users who want to create printable designs, image editing, design templates, and so on. 


Key Features

Similar to other AI image generators to text, Nightcafe requires a description detailing the image you want the AI to create and select a style – once set, you are good to create artwork through Nightcafe AI completely from scratch. 

Even though many users are not satisfied with the customer service of Nightcafe, the brand has an engaging discord community where you can sort out your doubts 24/7.

Writers, bloggers, and other content creators state that Nightcafe has been a creative tool that helps them to improve their ideation process and complement their writing. 

Unlike Jasper, surprisingly, Nightcafe gives you a copyright for the image you create, so technically, you own the image you generated. 

What I Like/Dislike About Nightcafe?

Creates beautiful prints which can be customized for different styles. Premium version users are disappointed with the ads displayed in their dashboard while working on Nightcafe. 
You can list as much artwork as possible through your Nightcafe account. Some users report that Nightcafe is taking down their accounts without any prior warning. 


  • AI Hobbyist – 200 credits – $9.99/ month.
  • AI enthusiast – 500 credits – $19.99/ month. 
  • AI Artist – 1400 credits – $49.99/ month. 
  • AI Professionals – 2500 credits – $79.99/ month. 

#3 – DALL·E 2 by Open AI

Popular AI Text-To-Image Generator

Dall·E 2 is powered by Open AI, a hard-to-miss tool if you’re actively reading about the AI space. This AI image generator can be used by any internet users and developers who need art to complement their content. 

Dall. E 2
Dall. E 2

Key Features

Dall·E 2 works on a credit point basis to create the designs of your imagination. While signing up, you get access to 50 credits for free, and later the next month, after signing up, you will be credited with another 15 credits as well. With one credit, you can create four images from one prompt or description you gave as input. 

With this AI image generator, you can add a new image as an addition to the image you generated via Dall·E 2 to improvise the existing creatives. The key to generating the art of your wildest imagination is to be precise and descriptive with your prompt or text. Moreover, you can change different variations of your image by uploading it in the Dall·E 2 and choosing a style from the varied options given.

What I Like/Dislike About Dall·E 2? 

Expansion of existing images and adding on new images using Dall. E 2 proves it can also be used as an image editing tool. Your design will be created in 1024 * 1024 pixels which needs to be edited or modified later. 
Dall·E 2 is a reliable tool as it comes from Open AI, which introduced GPT to the industry. The signup process is not quick; one has to wait till the Open AI team verifies the signup form. 


  • 1024 * 1024 – $0.020 per image 
  • 512 * 512 – $0.018 per image 
  • 256 * 256 – $0.016 per image

#4 – Starry AI 

Best Free AI Picture Generator

Starry AI is listed as one of the beginner-friendly text-image generators. You can freely access Starry AI’s basic features on android and iOS. Many users of this tool are impressed by its ability to create personalized, and customizable artwork. 

Starry AI
Starry AI

Key Features

To generate a picture through Starry AI, you must come up with a description containing emotional and detailed words to generate the exact image you had in your mind. With two AI engines, Orion and Altair, you can create unreal and imaginative pictures that blow your mind. 

Starry AI text-to-image generator rewards you with five credits as you log in, which could be used to create 25 images. Additionally, Starry AI claims that one can create 1000+ designs, customize the art size, bulk create and leverage the tool in as many ways as possible to get creatives that go well with the text content that has been created. 

The goal of Starry AI is to come up with a simple and intuitive technology that internet users can use without any hassle. However, some users take more time to get used to the tool, thanks to the 24/7 discord community, which is always at a text distance allowing users to sort out their doubts then and there. 

What I Like/Dislike About Starry AI?

Known for detailing and generating photorealistic results. Users expect to get a good preview of their artwork.
You own the rights to the arts you create or generate. The users keenly expect varied styles to be launched on this platform.  


  • Starter –  $15.99 – 40 credits per month 
  • Pro – $149.99 – 1000 credits per month 

#5 – Dream by Wombo Art

Best Fantasy Art Generator

Dream by Wombo is a Canadian startup that works as an AI image generator from text online provides you with a few prompt inspirations below the search bar to start creating art that meets your expectation. This tool is known for its speed, quality, and accessibility. 


Key Features

Dream by Wombo is an AI tool that creates art equal to anime or game character designs. This tool is widely used by writers who write novels in which creatives play a major role. 

In Wombo, you are left with various styles like winter, splatter, festive, floral, Cartoonist, Diorama, etc. Moreover, you can also add an image to provide a reference to the AI.

You can generate high-quality aesthetic images within a few minutes. The same images cannot be generated for two different sentences, which removes the possibility of plagiarism. 

What I Like/Dislike About Wombo Art?

With Wombo art, you can create designs that can be used as NFT. Generic or broader words pan out a generic image. 
Processes heavy designs within a few minutes. Lacks advanced AI text-to-image generating features. 


The price starts from $20 and goes up to $100. 


Is there any free AI art Generator?

To start with a free AI art generator, you can go with Starry AI, as you can generate free images with basic styles without paying a penny.

What AI art generator are people using?

People nowadays are playing around with different AI. As of now, Dall. E 2, Jasper, and Nightcafe are the three most used AI art tools. 

Can I use AI-generated art as NFT?

Arts or creatives generated through Starry AI are copyright-free and can be used as NFT. 


AI has been improving day by day and left us in surprise with its powerful features that are beyond our imagination and expectation. Leveraging AI to save our time and concentrate on work that matters allows us to utilize technology as an effective tool. With that said, I hope you have chosen the best AI art generator that suits your requirements. To read more similar software review blogs, visit Softwarist

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