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10+ Best Twitter Analytics Tools: Track, Analyze, & Optimize!

Picture this: I’m out there working hard on Twitter, regularly posting, sharing top-notch content, and growing my connections. It’s a real joy to see my efforts paying off.

However, things take a turn for the worse. My interactions start dwindling, and I’m left puzzled, searching for the root of the problem. It’s frustrating to be outplayed by Twitter’s algorithms when I’m genuinely dedicated.

Amid the Twitter hustle, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This is where Twitter analytics tools come into play. 

In this blog, we’ll dive into ten user-friendly tools that will help decode your Twitter presence, breathe new life into your personal brand, and reignite your engagement.

Why Do We Need to Use Twitter Analytics Tools?

Twitter analysis tools provide valuable insights into our Twitter performance. They answer questions like what’s working, where to improve, why the change happened, how to fix it, and when to take action. These tools are a game-changer for any Twitter enthusiast


  1. Typefully – Twitter reporting tool with the best user interface
  2. Sprout Social – An all-in-one Twitter management tool to stay ahead of the competition
  3. Hootsuite – Easy to use Twitter tool and has great functionality to handle crisis
  4. Agorapulse – Tackle Twitter challenges effectively with an easy-to-use tracking tool
  5. Keyhole – Streamline Twitter insights with a straightforward reporting interface
  6. Rival IQ – Provide easy access to actionable insights
  7. Emplifi –  A power-packed pro analytical tool to manage Twitter effortlessly
  8. Sendible – A comprehensive tool to save up to 50% of efforts in managing Twitter
  9. Social Pilot – Tracking tool to hit year-end marketing goals of Twitter
  10. TweetBinder – A robust, data-driven Twitter management tool for pros

#1 – Typefully

Twitter reporting tool with the best user interface

Typefully is the most sought-after Twitter analysis tool that helps user automate their Twitter marketing, simplifying the process of crafting and scheduling threads while tracking performance. 


Key Features

Typefully serves as a versatile Twitter analysis tool, offering valuable insights into Twitter performance to help users understand what resonates with their audience. Beyond this, it provides a variety of prompts and suggestions to spark creativity and generate unique ideas.

What sets Typefully apart is its innovative Twitter thread maker feature. Users can seamlessly structure their thoughts, creating threaded Tweets that captivate and boost engagement. 

Furthermore, Typefully’s scheduling feature allows users to conveniently save and schedule Tweets for optimal times, this ensures that their content reaches the maximum audience, enhancing the effectiveness of Twitter marketing efforts

What I Like/Dislike About Typefully?

Integrations with Zapier tool that connects with over 1500+ other different apps and softwareTyplefully analytics features can be more advanced
Provides inspiration prompts so one can never be done with ideas


  • Free within limited features 
  • Creator- $12.50/mo
  • Team- $29/mo
  • Agency – $79/mo

#2 – Sprout Social

An all-in-one Twitter management tool to stay ahead of the competition.

Sprout Social is a user-friendly, all-in-one solution that simplifies data management, making it accessible to users. This platform empowers businesses to make well-informed strategic decisions and efficiently tracks Twitter activity. 

Sprout Social

Key Features

Sprout Social excels in gathering and exploring detailed data, facilitating decision-making through user-friendly, customizable reporting options, and enabling performance comparisons with competitors.

Its unified social inbox streamlines monitoring and engagement efforts, enhancing social scalability. The platform simplifies content planning, management, and teamwork for seamless social campaigns. It also offers robust reporting and analysis features.

Furthermore, Sprout Social stands out as the best Twitter analytics tool for its ability to measure results and demonstrate impact. With its intuitive reporting and competitive performance tracking, it’s an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to enhance their social media presence.

What I Like/Dislike About Sprout Social?

It helps in comparing performance with competitorsIt is quite pricey
Provide a detailed overview of all insights and exceeds expectation to manage TwitterIt takes time to learn its diverse feature


  • Free – 30 days trial without credit card 
  • Standard – $249/mo
  • Professional – $399/mo
  • Advanced – $499/mo
  • Enterprise – Custom-built

#3 – Hootsuite

Easy to use Twitter tool and has great functionality to handle crises.

Hootsuite, the most effective Twitter management tool, is known for its user-friendly interface and time-saving capabilities. Its advanced analytical tools provide a comprehensive view of paid, organic, and web metrics, enabling informed decision-making. 


Key Features

Hootsuite simplifies social media management by allowing users to schedule, publish, and monitor content across various platforms from a single dashboard. This saves valuable time.

It offers advanced analytical tools, enabling users to track performance across paid, organic, and web metrics. The ability to view these metrics side by side provides valuable insights for optimizing social media strategies and campaigns.

Hootsuite’s real-time monitoring and engagement features empower users to respond promptly to social media crises, mitigating potential reputation damage. This quick response capability ensures a more agile and effective crisis management strategy.

Hootsuite’s user-friendly reporting system simplifies the tracking of campaign success. It offers in-depth insights, making it easier to assess the impact of social media efforts and fine-tune strategies for better results.

What I Like/Dislike About Hootsuite?

User-friendly reportingLack of affordable option
Real-time monitoring and diverse engagement featureSteep learning curve


  • Free – 30 days trial
  • Professional – $99/mo
  • Team – $249/mo
  • Business – $749/mo
  • Enterprise – Custom-built

#4 – Agorapulse

Tackle Twitter challenges effectively with an easy-to-use tracking tool. 

Agorapulse is a comprehensive social media management platform that simplifies publishing, reporting, monitoring, and team collaboration. Plus, it offers a 30-day free Twitter analytics tool to boost your Twitter performance.


Key Features

Agorapulse, a detailed Twitter analysis tool, offers an extensive range of publishing options. Users can seamlessly optimize content for scheduling and posting across various social media accounts. This versatility enhances productivity.

Additionally, Agorapulse provides robust brand monitoring features, enabling users to track mentions and references to their brand name. This real-time monitoring ensures a responsive and engaged online presence, making it easier to maintain a strong connection with the audience.

Its diverse publishing options and brand monitoring capabilities make it a valuable tool for optimizing social media management and enhancing online engagement.

Agorapulse also stands out with its team collaboration features, making it a powerful platform for businesses and organizations. It allows team members to work together seamlessly on social media tasks, ensuring efficient content creation, scheduling, and response management. 

What I Like/Dislike About Agorapulse?

Offers robust brand monitoringLack of integration of third-party
Simplifies the process of optimizing content.Its users desire more advanced customizable analytics


  • Free- 30 days trial without any card
  • Standard- $69/mo
  • Professional- $99/mo
  • Advanced- $149/mo

#5 – Keyhole

Streamline Twitter insights with a straightforward reporting interface.

Keyhole, the ultimate Twitter reporting tool, eliminates the manual grind of tracking Twitter insights. With the ability to analyze multiple profiles, brand mentions, campaigns, and more, it simplifies the process. This tool provides real-time data and accurate metrics, enhancing decision-making.


Key Features

Keyhole saves time by offering Twitter insights without the manual grind. Users can access valuable data without sifting through endless manual processes, making it a game-changer for efficiency.

The tool’s capability to analyze multiple profiles, brand mentions, campaigns, and other elements simplifies the data collection process. 

Keyhole’s provision of real-time data ensures that users stay updated with the latest Twitter trends and audience sentiments. This feature allows for agile decision-making and timely responses.

Keyhole stands out by tracking hashtags and keywords, unveiling exactly how many people mentioned them, who they are, and what they said. This in-depth analysis is invaluable for understanding audience engagement and sentiment.

What I Like/Dislike About Keyhole?

Ability to track hashtags and keywords in depthConfusing user interface
Keeping user updated with real-time dataNot cost-efficient


  • SMB & Freelancers – $79/mo
  • Corporate – $239/mo
  • Agency -$479/mo

#6 – Rival IQ

Provides easy access to actionable insights

Using Rival IQ for Twitter management is a no-brainer. This dynamic platform offers a range of features that keep you ahead of the competition. With on-demand social media analytics, alerts, and custom reports, you can stay on top of your Twitter game.

Rival IQ
Rival IQ

Key Features

Rival IQ simplifies Twitter management by providing on-demand social media analytics. With real-time insights and custom reports, users can make data-driven decisions to enhance Twitter’s strategy.

Rival IQ allows you to harness data from millions of websites to understand how one’s brand is perceived online. This invaluable feature helps users assess the brand’s reputation and make informed adjustments.

The ChatGPT-powered search feature empowers users to create custom queries without the need for a data scientist. This level of customization streamlines data collection, ensuring that you can gather the insights you need efficiently.

What I Like/Dislike About Rival IQ?

Advanced brand’s perception insightsRelatively expensive for smaller businesses
Exceptional customer serviceLack of historical data


  • Drive – $239/mo
  • Engage – $349/mo
  • Engage+ – $559/mo

#7 – Emplifi

A power-packed pro analytical tool to manage Twitter effortlessly.

Emplifi is a versatile platform that not only acts as a powerful Twitter analytics software but also helps boost revenue, connecting with customers, and infusing empathy into every interaction.


Key Features

Emplifi is a social media management platform, that offers an array of features designed to drive growth and build trust. It stands out as a great Twitter tracking tool, providing invaluable insights into Twitter performance. 

One of Emplifi’s standout features is its AI-powered automation for content publishing. This streamlines the process and boosts publishing efficiency. With AI-driven tools, users can ensure a consistent online presence while saving time and effort.

In an era where authenticity is crucial, Emplifi excels in elevating brand authenticity. Its features allow users to respond quickly and maintain timely, personalized interactions with their audience. 

This level of engagement not only enhances brand trust but also ensures that users are in tune with their audience’s needs and expectations. It’s a platform designed to help users boost their online presence and foster meaningful connections with their audience.

What I Like/Dislike about Emplifi?

Focus on building genuine networkLacks pricing transparency
AI-fueled automation


Emplifi offers four packages without disclosing its prices: essential, standard, business, and enterprise

#8 – Sendible

 A comprehensive tool to save up to 50% of efforts in managing Twitter

Sendible is one of the best Twitter analytics tools, dedicated to enhancing the online presence of businesses and organizations. It monitors social media management with utmost efficiency.


Key Features

Sendible is a powerhouse in social media management, allowing users to schedule a month’s worth of content in minutes through its bulk importer and post customization features. It offers an extensive repository of post ideas, ensuring your content remains fresh and engaging.

One of its standout features is the top-notch reporting system, providing valuable insights into the performance of your Twitter campaigns. 

Sendible excels in social media monitoring, enabling users to keep an eye on their brand’s online presence, track customer engagement, and ensure efficient auto-publishing.

In a nutshell, Sendible is your all-in-one solution for streamlining social media management, with a suite of tools that make it a top choice for businesses and organizations looking to maximize their online impact.

What I Like/Dislike About Sendible?

A reliable and top-notch Twitter management solutionQuite pricey for small businesses


  • Creator – $29/mo
  • Traction – $89/mo
  • White Label – $240/mo
  • White Label+ – $750/mo

#9 – SocialPilot

Tracking tool to hit year-end marketing goals of Twitter

SocialPilot is a one-stop destination for detailed social media analytics. Boasting a user-friendly and data-packed interface, it is a 14-day free Twitter analytics platform. It streamlines account management, making it a valuable asset for the entire team.


Key Features

SocialPilot offers the convenience of managing all social networks in one place, streamlining social media activities. This simplicity is paired with regular updates, ensuring that the essential functionalities are always up-to-date, providing users with a seamless and efficient experience.

The platform allows users to connect and schedule posts for more than 50 accounts, making it a versatile tool for both individuals and businesses. This feature is particularly valuable for maintaining a consistent and active social media presence.

SocialPilot goes beyond social media management; it provides a powerful yet user-friendly Twitter analytics tool. 

What I Like/Dislike About SocialPilot?

Easy to affordLack of customer service
Access to 50+ accounts in one place


  • Professional – $25/mo
  • Small team – $42.5/mo
  • Agency – $85/mo
  • Agency+ – $170/mo

#10 – TweetBinder

A robust, data-driven Twitter management tool for pros

TweetBinder is a Twitter reporting tool that allows users to generate reports and track hashtag, mention, keyword, and profiles on Twitter. It is a one-off Twitter hashtag analytics report that allows users to easily monitor and track event hashtag usage and engagement.


Key Features

TweetBinder stands out as a dynamic Twitter tracking tool that excels in delivering immediate and personal responses to last-minute client requests, providing top-notch customer service with precise, real-time responses. 

It offers invaluable insights into the brand’s conversation, enabling users to gauge its impact and identify key participants. As a fast and efficient tool, it simplifies the comprehension of Twitter data’s influence.

The tool’s ability to swiftly analyze Twitter data is a standout feature, providing users with a clear understanding of their brand’s online impact.

 By delivering accurate insights and highlighting key conversational users, TweetBinder becomes an indispensable resource for companies looking to enhance their Twitter presence.

What I Like/Dislike About TweetBinder?

Excellent customer serviceNot user-friendly
Provide quick and detailed reports


  • Starter- $26.6/mo
  • Advanced- $236.5/mo
  • Enterprise- $4264.8/mo


Does Twitter have an Analytics tool?

Yes, Twitter offers several analytics tools to gain insights, schedule posts, create content calendars, and assess Twitter performance. Prominent Twitter analytics softwares include Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Sendible, Rival IQ, and others.

How do I access Twitter Analytics?

To access Twitter Analytics, you can use various reporting tools like Social Binder, Emplifi, Agorapulse, and Typefully, among many others. These tools provide detailed data and insights about your Twitter performance.

How do I check my Twitter Analytics for free?

Checking Twitter Analytics for free is possible by using the built-in Twitter Analytics platform. Simply log in to your Twitter account, go to the “More” menu, and select “Analytics.” Here, you can access various metrics and insights at no extra cost.

How much does Twitter Analytics cost?

The cost of Twitter Analytics varies depending on the tool or platform you choose. Twitter itself provides basic analytics for free. However, third-party tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, or others may have subscription fees, with costs varying based on the features and level of analytics you require.


We’ve explored the top 10 customer-centric Twitter analytics tools known for their exceptional service quality. These tools empower users to gain valuable insights, enhance their Twitter presence, and make informed decisions. Whether you’re a marketer, agency, business, or individual, these tools can help you maximize your Twitter impact.

To get a more detailed review or comparison of software, read more on Softwarist. 

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