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5+ Best Instagram Schedulers for Content Creation (2024)

Feeling drained and overwhelmed by content creation is a common challenge for content creators and social media managers. Thankfully, there are several Instagram scheduling tools available to help streamline the process and make it more manageable. Here’s a list of some of the best Instagram schedulers that can help you save time and energy.

Instagram is a hard-to-miss card when pointing out the most prominent social media platforms. 44% of people use Instagram as a platform to shop for their needful items every week. This data proves that businesses have masses of potential customers roaming around Instagram, ready to spill bucks. 

With that said, to attract these leads and build a brand, you need to create content; however, content creation is a time-consuming task; that brings us to the point: How can one manage posting or publishing content on Instagram – effortlessly without stressing out? And the obvious answer to that is – scheduling and automating. 

In this blog, to help you know which is the Instagram scheduler platform that suits your scheduling needs and preference, we have come up with the top 5 most used Instagram post schedulers that majority of social media managers, marketers, and content creators are using. 


  1. Pallyy Best Instagram post scheduler created to help beginner to intermediate-level content creators or marketers schedule their content by accessing advanced functionalities. 
  1. IconosquareContent scheduler developed for social media content creators to gain top-to-end Instagram account insights.
  1. Sprout SocialA go-to content scheduler to help Instagram business accounts grow with the added functionality of CRM. 
  1. Agorapulse —  Instagram content scheduler engineered to help social media users to build a community by streamlining content publishing.
  1. Socialbee A comprehensive content management tool created to help content strategists with content publishing. 

#1 – Pallyy

Go-to-Instagram Post Scheduler

Pallyy is one of the best Instagram scheduler apps that acts as an instrument, allowing social media managers, marketers, and content creators to batch schedule their content for the upcoming days. 

Why Pallyy ranks first in this list of top schedulers? Because of its special functionalities that are tailored to streamline the Instagram content creation practice.


Key Features of Pallyy

Pally is considered to be the first ever software to provide in-depth Instagram account performance data or insights to its users. As a Pally user, you can get your metrics broken down into weekly, monthly, and daily reports directly to your email inbox. A surprising feature is that you can access your past Instagram performance data as well.  

Another core stand-out feature of Pallyy is that it allows you to develop a social media strategy that works, as it gives you the liberty to track your competitors’ account performance, including their engagement, likes, posts, and followers metrics. 

If you prefer data over assumptions, Pallyy is your best bet. Additionally, you can set up or access caption and hashtag templates and customize location and timezone. 

Whenever posting content, few people often forget to add a specific link to the first comment or bio; however, with Pallyy, the chances of such a thing happening are eliminated. You can pre-add the links, captions, and even the first comment and schedule them with the post.  

Pallyy review
Pallyy review

What I Like/Dislike About Pallyy? 

Pallyy has the simplest pricing model though providing advanced functionalities.Users are looking forward to the feature that enables them to input audio links into the video content. 
You can track up to 10 competitors and maintain customizable dashboard features.There is a need for robust content calendar functionality.


  • Free – $0
  • Premium – $15

#2 –  Iconosquare

Best Post Scheduler to Fetch Instagram Analytics

Iconosquare ranks second in our apps to schedule instagram posts for Instagram list as it is used by content creators worldwide known for its ability to pull data relating to the performance of your varied social media accounts and present it as a consolidated report in a more consumable or workable manner. 


Key Features of Iconosquare

Iconosquare meets all your basic scheduler demands efficiently. Starting from engagement data, followers’ growth charts, the best time to post, industry benchmarks, and other measurable metrics, every metric that directly impacts your content strategy is taken care of. 

Iconosquare review
Iconosquare review

Regarding usage and training, Iconosquare has an intuitive scheduler tool that allows you to get the hang of the software in minutes. The best part is that your highly effective posting time is already highlighted, so you don’t have to manually sit and do the math to know your sweet spot to post content. 

Iconosquare is considered to be the best Instagram story scheduler as its Instagram analytics functionality includes stories, posts, reels, and comments performance breakdowns. They also provide 10+ profile support and allow you to fetch competitors’ data and hashtag performance. 

Moreover, if you have a team of content creators and every content has to be approved by a higher authority, it is super simple with Iconosquare. You can set up the review process for content that can be approved, edited, or given suggestions before it goes live. 

What I Like/Dislike About Iconosquare? 

Pricing is tailored uniquely so that users only pay for the tool they use. Once, they had a completely free plan for beginners. However, that has now been converted to a free trial period. 
Feed preview lets users view how a content piece looks on the Instagram dashboard.  The platform is prone to changes made by Instagram. However, the constant update ensures the tool is relevant to its users.


  • Free – 14 days trial 
  • Pro – 49€ 
  • Advanced – 79€
  • Enterprise – 139€

#3 – Sprout Social

Advanced Instagram Post Scheduler

Sprout Social, an Instagram scheduler software, claims to be a leader in terms of usability, customer support, and satisfaction. This platform enables you to create, schedule, post, and plan your content to stay consistent with content creation. 


Key Features of Sprout Social

Sprout functionalities can be well-versed if given appropriate support and training. You can manage your online community most effectively as you can develop a solid content strategy and hold on from repeating the same content. This best social media scheduler for Instagram provides more in-depth details on how they can help different business environments. 

Sproutsocial review
Sproutsocial review

Additionally, this scheduling tool includes customer relationship management (CRM) which allows businesses to grow a community and build brand loyalty rather than merely stacking up followers. They also support multi-profile systems and is a highly rated tool as they provide top-notch customer support. 

Moreover, you can view all your messages from various social media networks in one place, which allows you to keep your audience engaged and connected with your profile. With Sprout Social, managing your team activities is much easier as you can simplify your workflow through automation and customizable tools. 

What I Like/Dislike About Sprout Social? 

Sprout Social saves time managing each social platform separately by enabling you to duplicate content to different socials.Sprout Social uses different methods to showcase your content’s historical or past data in varied socials, so the data might differ if you switch from different schedule tools.
Approval management has become more simpler than before with Sprout social. You can duplicate posts to schedule to other platforms; however, you cannot duplicate the post timing, which many users find as a drawback. 


  • Free – 30 day trial 
  • Standard – $249 
  • Professional – $399 
  • Advanced – $499 
  • Enterprise – Contact Sales. 

#4 – Agorapulse

Instagram-centric Content Scheduler

Agorapulse, a social media scheduler, offers social media inbox consolidation, publishing, monitoring, reporting, and other features resulting from being a comprehensive tool for Instagram content management.


Key Features of Agorapulse 

Agorapulse inbox management tool helps you to filter out your followers’ list, which later can be turned into useful data while launching info- products. With their social media publishing functionality, you can access image croppers, video thumbnail customization, saved hashtags, and post previews. 

Agorapulse review
Agorapulse review

You can even reschedule your content to repurpose them and present it to new users. With the liberty to manage 40 social media profiles with eight user accessibility, you can explore your fullest growth on Instagram. Moreover, you can share your content with your clients and team members if a need arises. 

This seems to be the best Instagram post scheduler app that is tailored for Instagram business profiles that allows you to view the preview of the post and schedule them in a few clicks. You can also abide by the word count limit; for instance, the Instagram caption has a word count limit, so Agorapulse ensures you stay within the limit while you schedule the content.  

What I Like/Dislike About Agorapulse? 

Easy to use dashboard and intuitive tool with effective basic to advanced tools.Some users report they have not received proper customer support.
You can access downloadable reports that are easy to analyze. The tool fails to provide in-depth details about competitors’ profiles. 


  • Free – 30 days trial 
  • Standard – $49 
  • Professional – $79 
  • Advanced – $119  
  • Custom – Get a quote

#5 – Socialbee

All-in-One Content Management Tool

Social Bee helps you to create, schedule, publish, and manage your social profiles. This tool will be one of the best Instagram and Facebook scheduler you will ever come across. Social Bee supports Instagram business and personal profiles. It also provides detailed Instagram analytics and lets you know when your readers are super active. 


Key Features of Socialbee

With Socialbee, you can manage up to 25 social profiles and have access to 3 users on each workspace out of five workspaces. Additionally, you can automatically generate posts for your Instagram profile once you use the platform. Social Bee’s social media analytics functionality highlights your well-performing posts’ engagement rate, comments, likes, shares, and impressions. 

Socialbee review
Socialbee review

You can even have tags for the content you create, making it easier to maintain your content in one place and stay organized. 

To schedule your content, you can switch to the 24 hours clock format at your convenience. Moreover, you can use Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy within Social Bee, which cuts down the hassle of juggling between different tabs to create your next piece of content. 

What I Like/Dislike About Socialbee? 

Comprehensive content management tool and not just a scheduling tool for Instagram.Lacks features like a social inbox provided by other prominent tools.
The constant new update makes the application more powerful.
It takes time to get used to the list view of Social Bee.


  • Free – 14 days trial 
  • Bootstrap – $19 
  • Accelerate – $39 
  • Pro – $79 


Which are the best free Instagram scheduling apps? 

You can utilize the free trial period of different Instagram scheduling applications to land on the best scheduler. One of the affordable tools is Pallyy- which provides premium features at a reasonable rate which you usually don’t get in free tools. 

Is there a scheduler for Instagram? 

Yes, there are many Instagram schedulers. A few popular ones are Pallyy, Iconosquare, Socialbee, Agorapulse, and Sprout Social.

What is the best social media scheduler in 2022?

My top favourite is Pallyy, and next to it is Iconosquare, as both provide insightful details and have impressive functionalities. 


With that said, we have reached the tail of the blog. If you want access to basic to advanced schedulers’ features, Pallyy is best instragram scheduler. However, Social Bee is your go-to tool if you want to go with a content management system with a scheduler. If you would like to read more SaaS review blogs, visit softwarists

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