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5+ Daily Rank Tracking Software in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the best rank tracking software in the market? You have reached the right place. 

Once you optimize your website or webpage with relevant keywords you want to rank for, you must closely track their position to ensure that your SEO efforts are paying you back. Without robust keyword tracking software, being updated with your website’s performance can be a pain in the neck. 

To save your time, we have compiled a list of the daily rank tracker software online in 2024. 

Without any further delay, let’s get started. 


  1. SE Ranking — Best SEO tool at an affordable cost to track ranking based on your needs. 
  2. SERPwatcher by Mangools — A comprehensive tool with basic features tied up with an easy-to-use rank tracker.
  3. Semrush — A all-in-one Google keyword rank tracking software that lays out insights about your overall website performance, including position. 
  4. AccuRanker — A power-packed pro-level SEO tool for keyword tracking for enterprises and agencies. 
  5. Ahrefs — SEO tool comprising basic to advanced features serving all types of online businesses and brands. 

#1 – SE Ranking

SE Ranking is one of the best rank tracker software as this is the next best alternative for Semrush. SE Ranking is a cloud-based daily rank tracking tool engineered for entrepreneurs, SMMs, and agencies. However, this keyword ranking software is frequently used by mid and small enterprises. 

SE Ranking
SE Ranking

Key Features

SE ranking allows users to closely track their keyword ranking position on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This SEO rank tracking tool lets you predict or foresee your keywords’ future performance. Unlike Semrush, you can track your position on mobile and desktop of different locations of various search engines like Google, Baidu, and Yahoo.  

Additionally, you can create sub-accounts in your SE ranking main account and share the reports with your clients and team. In terms of competitors’ research, you can track up to five competitors simultaneously and compare their performance with your website to find SEO gaps and opportunities. 

You can access an in-depth breakdown of competitors’ keywords, ranking positions, traffic overview, organic keywords they are ranking for, and many more. SE ranking provides high-end features and tools at an affordable price than Semrush. 

What I Like/Dislike About SE Ranking

Like: Dislike: 
You can white-label the SEO reports with your company/agency logo and website name. The interface is not beginner-friendly, and it takes time for new users to get used to the tool.
Unique pricing system tailored especially for the users’ needs.  The dashboard is a bit unorganized from the new user’s point of view. 
SE ranking provides high-end features at a competitive price. 


  • Free trial – 14 days. 
  • Daily tracking – $39.20 to $191.20 per month. 

#2 – SERPWatcher by Mangools 

SERPwatcher, a search engine rank tracking tools powered by Mangools, is a reliable and user-friendly SEO tool. Serpwatcher claims it is easy for new users to set up and track the ranking position within a few seconds. 


Key Features

Mangools is known for its user-friendly interface and quick onboarding process. The most prominent feature of SERPwatcher is that it gives you a performance index score calculated based on the keywords ranking and estimated search volumes of that particular keyword. 

This is a daily agency rank tracking, meaning you get access to insights about your SERP position report on a daily basis via email. Besides keyword and web page positioning, you can get insights about visitor metrics, redirection sources, and traffic metrics from different search engines and locations. 

When you purchase the paid plan of Mangools tools, you get access to link miner, keyword finder, and site profiler. The keyword position flow board breaks down the performance of each keyword that performed well and poorly in the past few days.  

What I Like/Dislike About SERPWatcher

Like: Dislike: 
Complete beginner friendly.Does not comprise advanced features.
Customizable agency rank tracker report schedule.


  • Starting price – $29.90 
  • Maximum price – $79.90 / month 

#3 – Semrush 

Semrush is a sought-after SEO tool with 4,71,000 users that serves freelancers, enterprises, small and mid-level agencies. This all-one SEO software is used by professional SEO strategists, marketing and advertising teams worldwide. 


Key Features

Semrush comprises one of the best SERP and position tracking tools combined with other basic and advanced SEO tools and features. With the Semrush position tracking tool, you can easily track your domains, subdomains, and URLs position of both mobile and desktop content. 

Semrush position tracking tool automatically updates you on your website’s ranking position on Google and Baidu every 24-48 hours. You can opt-in for a weekly summary report that contains your keyword and webpage performance insights for the entire week.

Other features of Semrush include competitor research, keyword research, link building, and on-page and technical SEO. Undoubtedly, you can signup with Semrush if you’re looking for an all-in-one SEO tool tied up with the daily tracking software in the market. 

What I Like/Dislike About Semrush 

Like: Dislike: 
User-friendly dashboard and highly suitable for beginners.Only provides insights relating to search engines like Google and Baidu.
All-in-one software comprising primary to advanced features.You need to fill in your credit card details to access the free trial. 
Accessible and in-deep insights about your competitors’ performance. 


  • 7-day Free trial  
  • Pro – $119.95 
  • Guru – $229.95
  • Business – $449.95 
  • Enterprise solution – contact sales

#3 – Accuranker 

AccuRanker is an agency keyword tracking software specially tailored for enterprises and SEO agencies and currently has 32000+ customers. The core feature of Accuranker that allows it to stay up in the ocean of SEO tools is its ability to fetch bulk keywords and website insights efficiently. 


Key Features

With AccuRankers’ aggregated SERP analysis tools, you can discover which Google features are helping your site rank well. This enterprise rank tracker software aids in identifying if there is a chance for you to rank for different google features like a featured snippet, video carousels, images and others.

The SERP history tool provides insights about the features for which your webpage is already ranking higher and breaks down the traffic insights that every feature brings to your website. Another distinctive feature is that AccuRanker allows you to integrate with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and Google Sheets. 

Unlike other tools, with AccuRanker, you can get updates on your keyword and webpage performance every hour, thereby providing real-time insights. Moreover, you can discover the unknown keywords you are ranking for without planning. Accuranker claims its users don’t have to work on assumption and can ultimately eliminate guesswork while strategizing SEO.  

What I Like/Dislike About Accuranker

Like: Dislike: 
High valuable features for agencies and enterprises. Plan cancellation is a complex process. 
High-speed processing and updating data in real-time data.No restrictions in terms of features or tools for all tiers of plans. 
Ample third-party integration opportunity. Accuranker is not an ideal all-in-one platform for SEO strategists. 


  • Free 14-day trial without credit card required. 
  • Pricing – $116 – $2492 / month.

#5 – Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool bundled with basic and advanced SEO features. It is one of the best rank tracker software as it fulfills large organizations’ and agencies’ SEO demands. 


Key Features

Ahrefs encloses basic to advanced SEO features and allows you to track your ranking position for the keywords you’re aiming to rank higher. Moreover, this seo rank tracker software allows you to analyze the backlinks to ensure the reliability of the linked sources.

You can connect Google Search Console with your Ahrefs account and track your website or webpage ranking and general performance. Additionally, you can add up to twenty competitors to track and compare your website with their click estimates, search volumes, traffic, and position. You can categorize and organize your dashboard by filtering your rank tracking data based on tags, pages and by segmenting your positions.

In terms of reports, you get a weekly summary in your email regarding your website’s overall weekly performance. Moreover, depending on your need, you can customize the frequency of the SEO report you receive. This report contains essential data about changes in ranking position and SEO performance for the stipulated time.

What I Like/Dislike About Ahrefs

Like: Dislike: 
Showcases keyword performance data in regard to multiple search engines like Baidu, Yahoo, Youtube, and Google. Compared to other tools, the price is relatively high. 
Ahrefs provide ample resources to gain SEO knowledge.You cannot customize or white-label your reports. 
Get support from the Ahrefs community.Only supports web platforms. 


  • Lite – $99 / month 
  • Standard – $199 / month 
  • Advanced – $399 / month 
  • Enterprise – $999 / month 


How can I track my search ranking?

To track your website position in Google, you can use paid SEO tools like SE ranking, SERPwatcher, AccuRanker, and Semrush. However, to get your hands on a free tool, you can use Google Search Console keyword tracker software. 

Is the rank tracker free?

You can use the free Google search console, which is free or sign up for the trial period of some paid tools and experience using its features. 

What is SEO rank tracking?

To rank on Google SERP, you are supposed to target specific keywords. SEO agency rank tracker is an attempt to determine where your website or URLs rank for the targeted keyword. 

What is the best way to rank a website?

You want to optimize your profile for many features to rank higher on google. Some of them are targeting the proper keyword, maintaining a good domain authority, getting reliable and trustworthy backlinks, creating unique content, and so on. 

Can Google Surveys do ranking?

No. Google surveys are specially meant to collect certain information from a pool of people. It cannot be used for tracking webpage rankings. 


With that, we have come to the end of the blog. We have compiled all the best rank tracking software for freelancers, agencies, enterprises, and companies. You can choose the tool that meets your business requirement from this array of options.

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